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Julian Bell

Loot River Free Download (v1.0.94) ##VERIFIED##

The project, called Loot River, which you will be able to download torrent for free this year, is an action-adventure roguelike Voodoo Kid with strategy elements, as well as a very dark atmosphere and with a camera view from above. Be brave and get ready to plunge into procedurally generated dungeons in which you will have to wage dynamic battles in real time and move special objects on each level. Explore every nook and cranny, clear these places from all creatures, look for useful prey and unravel all the secrets that lurk in these places.The special power of the Relic gives the hero the ability to move the ground under his feet, thereby finding the solution to the block puzzles. In these intricate corridors, you will meet various types of monsters, lost strangers, and even huge bosses. Be careful and do not miss previously unseen types of weapons and equipment that are designed to make you stronger, and at one point can even save your life. After each of your deaths, you will move to a parallel dimension, where there will be many similar dungeons, but, in fact, each of them will be radically different from the previous one.System RequirementsMINIMUM:OS: Windows 7 or higherProcessor: Intel i5 or higherMemory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: GeForce GT 650M or higherDirectX: Version 10Storage: 1 GB available spaceRECOMMENDED:OS: Windows 10Processor: Intel i5 or higherMemory: 8 MB RAMGraphics: GeForce GT 650M or higherDirectX: Version 11Storage: 1 GB available spaceHow to Install the Game

Loot River Free Download (v1.0.94)




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