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What Is Link That You Copied APK and Why You Need It

Once complete, check the apps screen of the emulator to check that the app has been installed correctly. If you need to force the upgrade of this app from a previous version, add the -r flag, like this on OS X:

link that you copied apk

1) paste the myapp.apk in platform-tools folder , in my case C:\Users\mazbizxam\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools, this is the link in my case it may change to you people

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 784,345 times.Learn more...

I think you don't need to worry too much, there's not more danger than to any other compiled software.I mentioned above that the described procedure is only applicable for changing resource files, not code.Kind Regards,Carlos

before editing my app it was linked to admob google ad service and adds were apparing on app but after editing my app (i only changed a source image file) the adds disappeared. How can i edit my app and keep the adds? . It will be a great help.

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I am beginner at apk development and design. Now i am working on modifying some of the features in voice call apk file of jio4gvoice app. This is the app that are developed by mobile network in india for making Non-VoLTE enabled smartphone VoLTE enabled. I found so many issues belong to this app and review from people on google play store. Now I am trying to fix one of the comment there one person posted.

There are 2 methods that I want to show in this post.Using the first method you only copy the APK file, but this method should work most of the time.The second method allows to copy also app data, but the particular app has to support this.

This will push the APK to the target device and execute the pm install -r command on the device. The -r option means that the app should be reinstalled in case it already exists on the target device. However, app's data won't get erased with this option.

This method has the advantage that you can also copy app's data together with the APK.The disadvantage is that not all apps can be copied this way. Only apps that set the allowBackup flag to true in their AndroidManifest.xml can be copied. Luckily, the apps that target Android 6 and higher have this value set to true by default, so even if the developer did not set this flag explicitly to true, it should still be possible to perform a backup.

If you don't want to install ADB on your PC, you can do the same stuff as described before using the Bugjaeger app.The device that contains the original APK file should have Bugjaeger installed.To copy the app do the following

Keep in mind though that you are still essentially "letting them have" the apk, since the installation simply copies the APK file to the appropriate directory on the phone (usually /data/app or /data/app-private) and registers it with Android's Package Manager. A knowledgeable enough user can still retrieve the APK.

If you instead want to install an app on someone's phone without them being able to copy the app to a different phone, the author of the app needs to use an anti-piracy library (a.k.a. "licensing service") to stop the app when it's run on an unauthorized phone. As programming questions are off-topic on this site, I won't discuss that further.

I tried posting an APK to a Google Drive folder but neither my Huawei phone nor my Fire tablets can download it. The Google Drive page loads, but when I hit the download button a new window momentarily appears then disappears. No file is downloaded. I tried linking to the folder and to the file directly. I don't have an antivirus program running, and I have allowed apps from unknown sources.

it happen to me often first if you are downloading the app by QR code scare the QR code with your camera and copy the link it redirects you after you copied paste the link in google and it will ask you to download you can download it ..second if you are downloading via google drive , upload it to google drive and right click on the file and click share and click get sharable link and copy the link and you can also download it trough that!!..

4. Installing apps that are not available on Google Play. For instance, most Android tablets can run WhatsApp without any hitch. But you cannot download it from Play Store. Therefore, you have to install such apps directly using an APK file. The same is applicable to geo-restricted apps.

Other bits of features include a dark mode, multiple apk extract, change saved path, share apks, in-app file directory, and more. There is but one drawback that the app shows banner ads which you can easily by-pass with your net off. If you want to remove ads for a day, there is a watch reward video option or you can go premium in under $1.

There are many online sources that bundle APK files of popular apps with malware. So, make sure you download the APK from only the legitimate sources. A good place to look will be sites like APKmirror. The good thing about these online repositories is that you can find any version of the app you want, even if is a 2-year-old one.

APK files of new Android builds are often leaked ahead of time, giving you early access to all the exciting new features that otherwise wouldn't be available to you. Also, some apps are restricted to regions outside of your own. App updates can take a frustrating amount of time to arrive automatically over the air. Getting the latest APK for your favorite apps will let you jump the queue. Or you might even not like a particular app after an update, and want to install an older version instead.

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Before you can sideload an app on Android, you need to obtain its installation file. Android app installers have the .APK file extension that's short for Android Package. APK files contain everything that's needed to install and run the app. Apart from APKs, you'll find app bundles, which are also used to install Android apps.

The first thing you need to do is to install Homebrew using Terminal, and after that, install android-platform-tools. To install Homebrew on your macOS, visit the Homebrew website and copy the installation link under the Install Homebrew part. After you have copied the installation link, paste it into Terminal and press Enter on your keyboard. The Homebrew will start with installation. Follow the installation instructions to the end. Note: In some cases, installation can take longer because installation of additional components but do not worry; everything is fine. After Homebrew is finished with the installation, you will need to install android-platform-tools.

3. In opened cmd or Terminal, type adb connect device_ip_address (example: adb connect and press Enter on your keyboard. 3a. If you see a "failed to authenticate to device_ip_address" message in cmd or Terminal, it is probably because a screen Allow USB debugging? is shown on your TV; on that screen, press the OK button. Also, you can check Always allow from this computer, and tap on OK to ensure that you are not asked repeatedly when you try to install the app.

4. Now type in cmd or Terminal, adb devices and press Enter; this will list devices connected to your PC, and make sure that your device is on the list. Note: If you see after your device IP address text unauthorized, you probably did not allow USB debugging. Make sure that next, after your device's IP address, there is a text device.

5. To install the app, you must type the following command: adb install file_path_to_the_apk and press Enter on your keyboard. After you press Enter on your keyboard, you should see the info message Performing Streamed Install. Now wait a bit, and when you see the info message Success, you will know that your app was successfully installed.

The app is easily installed through the Google Play Store. Once this is done, you will need to set up your free account. When doing so, ensure that both your Android and computer are using the same Wi-Fi network. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to link your mobile device to your computer.

The one flaw regarding this method is that the web app may show a few pop-up ads. This can feature can be a little annoying. However, aside from that, this method is entirely secure and straightforward.

By following the above steps, you can be on your way to extracting your much needed APK files on your Android, no matter your reasons. We hope that this article has shed a little light on how to do this with the least amount of hassle involved.

You can use Speedtest by Ookla on your PC from their website, as there is no client for Windows or Mac. However, you can install the Speedtest by Ookla APK that we offer in an emulator. In Uptodown's catalog you will find several emulators available.

So, I tried to add another screen with a button that navigates to the splash screen and the results are the same: on Thunkable Live everything works but when I try to install it on android it crashes before even showing me anything

The Meterpreter payload also comes as an installable .apk file for Android systems. Great! Now we can use Metasploit to compromise Android phones also. But if you have tried out these payloads you would know that they do not look convincing. No one in their right mind is going to install and run such an app, which apparently does nothing when it is opened. So how are we going to make the victim run the payload app in their phone?


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