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K Da Pop Stars LINK Download

The characters were chosen from League of Legends' character list based on whether players would realistically see them as "popstars".[20] According to Patrick Morales, Ahri was the first character to be chosen for K/DA, due to her previous appearances in League of Legends-related music as "Pop Star Ahri" back in 2013.[20] Subsequently, with Ahri being a "beautiful, charming leader"-type character, Evelynn was chosen to contrast to that, by "being the wild and provocative diva of the group".[20] As Akali's character was being reworked at the time, Morales included her into the band as he liked the "rebellious spirit" of the character.[20] Kai'Sa was included due to a recommendation from skins lead Janelle Jimenez, as she wanted a "strong but silent loner who expressed herself on stage through her movements".[20]

k da pop stars download

Steven Asarch of Newsweek compared K/DA to the K-pop girl group Blackpink.[29] Lucas Lockyer of Dazed called K/DA a mix of "Girls Generation meets Little Mix and Hatsune Miku" and asked if the band was "leading the virtual pop future", where "what was essentially some creative promotional marketing could be the forefront of an interesting new branch of pop [...] Perhaps with developed AR technology, the characters could tour in hologram form without the physical appearance of the singers behind them."[1] When asked about whether this would be possible with a holographic concert or augmented reality technology Viranda Tantula replied that "that could be super fun. But before we'd even consider that, we'd realistically want to make sure there was enough quality music to support it, and a good reason for us, a games company and esports league, to try that out."[5] "Pop/Stars" was also added as a song to the virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber as a free download.[30]


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