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Cc Caldwell Paint Where To Buy

When I arrived in Kentucky, I immediately liked Paula1 We talked in the car, over dinner ( I think the waitress had to come back three times before we even looked at the menu) and the entire next day about paint. I probably grilled the woman with a hundred questions. Paula never tired of me and I could see that she loved the subject of paint, repurposing furniture and small business as much as I do, most importantly , it seemed like we were on the same page.

cc caldwell paint where to buy


Most of the paint on the market is made from a base, the base is purchased and then pigment is added. If you have been to the hardware store to buy a custom color you have seen this first hand. Paint that is made from scratch, is different, the pigments are ground in, this makes paint 70% pigmented vs. 30% pigmented if the pigment is added later. The photo below is of pigment as it is being ground in. Awesomeness!

I loved naming the colors and working with Claire my assistant to design the packaging. I hope that Vintage Linen, Gravel Road, Petticoat Pink, Carnival Red, Layered Chocolate, Seaglass, Faded burlap, Black Velvet, Mint Chip, and Mermaid Tail. will inspire you to paint! Quarts retail for 30$ Pints are $20 and 6oz samples are $10.

this looks awesome!!! always feels good to support small businesses when im doing projects i am working on my daughters bed at the moment but think it might be getting done all over again with your paint xxx

this looks awesome!!! always feels good to support small businesses when im doing projects i am working on my daughters bed at the moment but think it might be getting done all over again with your paint xx

Wish you the best. Your qwerky videos ( I mean that in a sweet way) are how a lot of us feel when we paint. We just cant pull off the passion as colorful as you. Keep it up your fun to watch. Pray the best for your mom.

I wanted to showcase the fact that CeCe Caldwell paint is made in the USA and each color is named after a different place in America. I had the guys break down a pallet and we recycled the slats to form a map of the United States. This project would not have been completed without the help of Tall Paul, Wesley, Speedy and the rest of the crew!

Debi, I love this post, and I so love you. You did such a wonderful job organizing us all and putting the video together. I will never forget what a fun day this was, and how fulfilling it was to work together to create this project, and promote my most favorite paint and paint company. So happy to call you my friend. You are the best.

1. It is all green. You can paint indoors, with kids and animals around, and when you are pregnant. It is all natural and has no fumes to the paint. This is especially nice when it is too cold for me to paint outside. I can just bring it indoors and not worry about ventilation.

3. The wax is amazing. Not only do I love the finish, but this wax goes a long way. I applied it with a wax brush and then buffed it to a nice hard finish. You can tell with clarity where you have waxed, since the paint turns much darker when it is applied. Jessie from Imperfectly Polished painted with me that day and took a picture of what I am talking about.

4. It is chalk and clay based paint. Since the paint has clay in it it will be very obvious if it is still wet or not. Since it dries fast as well you can easily do a project in a day without a need for a day dry time. Plus it dries to a matte finish.

5. This paint is perfect for layering and distressing. This paint is made for layering. You just paint one on top of the other. You can sand it or wet rub it off like Jessie did with a wet rag. The wet distressing was perfect since Jessie painted a picture frame and wanted the original gold to pop through.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. The gals from Bungalow 47 did come down to show me how to use the paint with absolutely no obligations to post or talk about it. But, as with everything, I like to share my thoughts on DIY products.

I really believe in this company. I have been amazed to see how it has grown from an idea to something that sells out all over the United States. Thanks for giving it such a beautiful review. There are so many amazing things about this paint and this company that I wish I could write about them all the time (but that would get kind of boring). PS Your table really is so gorgeous.

Now, I just look at this beautiful Sanibel Island and I am inspired to paint almost every thing I see. I am a Plein Air painter and have painted at many locations on Sanibel and Captiva. If you see me out painting, stop and say hello! I always enjoy meeting people.

You look at my work and see a definite style. Some people have told me they feel as though they could walk into my paintings and live there. I am primarily a realistic painter, although I have painted impressionistic and also some fun abstracts. I mostly work with oil, some water colors as well.

My work (12 to 14 oil paintings) will be on display Dec. 3 through Jan. 1 at the Sanibel Congregational United Church of Christ. I also have paintings in the BIG ARTS Gallery and the gift shop at the Periwinkle location. The Sporty Seahorse Gift Shop also carries some of my prints and greeting cards.

One of the oil paintings I recently completed and that I had fun with was a painting of the first Bailey store (1899 to 1926). This I gave as a gift to the Bailey family as a thank you for being so involved in our community. This was a historic painting I felt they should have.

My mom was such a trooper and did most of the painting. Even though these pictures (when we did most of the painting) are from a few months ago, she strongly suggested I take frequent breaks and even take the dog on a walk while she was hard at work.

Alan Phenix & Aviva Burnstock, The deposition of dirt: a review of the literature, with scanning electron microscope studies of dirt on selected paintings, Dirt and pictures separated, UKIC & Tate Gallery conference 1990, London (1990), 11-18.

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Paul Ackroyd & David Bomford "Questions of reversibility in the conservation of paintings on canvas" I: Reversibility does it exist? British Museum Occasional Papers, nr. 135, (eds.) Andrew Oddy and Sara Carroll, s.58-59. 041b061a72


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