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Ashtakavarga System Of Prediction By B V Raman, Pdf --

Ashtakavarga System of Prediction by B V Raman, PDF --

Ashtakavarga is a system of prediction in Hindu astrology that uses a mathematical technique to analyze the strengths of the planets and houses in a horoscope. The term Ashtakavarga means "eight divisions" and refers to the eight sub-divisions of each sign in the zodiac. Each planet (except Rahu and Ketu) contributes a certain number of points (bindus) to these sub-divisions based on its position and aspects. The total number of points for each sign and house is then calculated and used to interpret the potential and challenges of various aspects of life.

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Ashtakavarga system of prediction was popularized by B V Raman, one of the most influential astrologers of modern India. He was the founder-editor of The Astrological Magazine, the first and longest-running astrology journal in English. He wrote more than 100 books on astrology, including Ashtakavarga System of Prediction, which was first published in 1962. In this book, he explains the principles and methods of Ashtakavarga system with numerous examples and illustrations. He also provides tables and charts for easy calculation and interpretation of Ashtakavarga scores.

Ashtakavarga System of Prediction by B V Raman is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this unique and scientific system of astrology. It is available as a PDF file online , as well as a paperback edition. It is written in simple and clear language, suitable for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.


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