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[S3E7] Dowisetrepla

Lily: Oh, what a horrible smell.Marshall: It reeks!Cab Driver: Oh, that's just the plant. Don't worry, they shut it down on the weekends.Lily: Wh- What plant? What are you talking about?Cab Driver: Don't you know? Baby, this whole neighborhood is downwind of the sewage treatment plant.Marshall: Wait... What did you just say?Cab Driver: I said, we're downwind of the sewage treatment plant.[Titles: "downwind of the sewage treatment plant" -> "DOwnWInd of the SEwage TReatment PLant" -> "dowisetrepla"]Marshall & Lily: Uh-oh.

[S3E7] Dowisetrepla

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Marshall: Thank you guys for coming down here so quickly.Ted: I've never been to this neighborhood. Kind of thought this part of town was water.Marshall: No. Dude, this is dowisetrepla.Ted: Dowisetrepla?Marshall: Yeah!Ted: Is that an abbreviation for something?Marshall: Pfft. [to the realtor] He's from Ohio. [to Ted] Dowisetrepla is the up-and-coming neighborhood. 041b061a72


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