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Fallout Shelter APK Mod: Edit Your Game with FSSE

Where are we?! Since we need to be able to get to our shelter in very short time, we decided to build it in our backyard, which is fenced in. It will be well covered with fake grass and practically untraceable for anyone to find. For us, we will obviously be able to find exactly where it is an have very easy access to it.

What do we build our shelter with?! Some of the things used to build our fallout shelter can include sand, bricks, and concrete blocks. The sand makes it dense enough in case of the nuclear fallout. Bricks are reinforcements to hold up the walls a little bit more. The blocks can also be stacked as more reinforcements. In the layers there will be insulation. On the ceilings there will be the holes to have the filtering system for air. There will be fans by these holes to keep the air circulating and also to keep things cool if it gets too hot. To keep snug we will have a coalstove.

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The Design Being that we need to live in there for 2 years, we need plenty of space to be in, not too much, but just enough. In this shelter you will first walk down a ramp into a little room. This little room will be air-locked and it is also where the outside people will never pass. It is extremely reinforced with steel plates to make sure no one gets in. Upon walking in, there will be 11 rooms.

Keep 'Em Out If someone were to try and get into our shelter we will go by any means to make sure we stay safe. We will have a shotgun next to the airlock room just incase someone decides to try and get in.

2 Years Go By Like a Flash After 2 years have gone by, we need means of transportation. This is where our Ford Super Delux comes into play. The gas that we have saved in our storage will be used to help us get around until we can find a) other people or b) somewhere else to stay. Going out in this world we will have to be safe, therefore we will be bringing guns to keep off all the unwanted. Remaining in the shelter for sometime will allow us to think on how to rebuild things for a place to stay above ground.

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It can be said that this game is also a strategy game. Of course, it depends on the people and their arrangement. If you want to be comfortable in the game in terms of food, you have to choose more capable people than the rest. You have to use them in the kitchen or choose people who have a lot more intelligence than others to have the necessary medicines. If you can have more shelters and keep more people to survive, you will get to the next steps faster. . For example, build different rooms and factories. One of the items in this game is to have a magic box that you can get these boxes by performing various missions in the game and get those boxes by paying real money. Of course, in case of a hacked version of the game, you will get unlimited money, and you can easily buy a box. Inside this magic box are four cards, each with an item to play with. The card may add 100 credits to you and include weapons, clothing, or even a survivor with good abilities.

Edit Vault Information- Fallout shelter save editor will offer you a great opportunity to edit your vault info. In addition, you can modify your vault properties, such as number, theme, export vault, or change the difficulty of survival.

Edit Resources- Your resources are the most crucial thing in the fallout shelter game. Fortunately, Fallout Shelter editor will help you modify your resources like the number of stimulants, roadways, plates, water, Nuka quantum, electricity, and food storage.

Edit Mr. Handys- Mr. Handy is an exciting part of the fallout shelter game. You will be heppy to know that you can edit Mr. Handys with this save editor. You will be able to increase life or remove crafty from your refuge.

Edit Storage- Your storage capability can affect your game a lot. However, with fallout shelter editor, you can change the number of items and objects you want to love, which will help you succeed in your challenges.

Miss Launcher- Another fantastic weapon of Fallout Shelter. Miss launcher has the highest damage rate comparing all other missiles in the Fallout shelter. Its extreme damage rate can wipe out all the enemies single-handedly during an area attack. If you think about removing Molerats and Radoaches, this can be the perfect weapon. It deals average damage of 22.5. However, this weapon has sons as well. It falls short when you try to activate the missile motors. Standard missiles fired from this weapon often fail to fly. Therefore, most of the players use this weapon as a grenade launcher. The delighting fact is that it can fire up to 83 missiles when it is in good condition.

In order for the protagonist to avoid radiation, the player needs to build various shelters underground to survive. In addition to facing the problem of lack of resources, the player has to face the attacks of various mutant creatures!

You plunge into it, and you begin to live the life of our main character. Strategy and tactics in this game are no less impressive. In this game, you will learn a lot of new and exciting, because, in the course of the passage, we will need to create a shelter and manage its inhabitants. These people went to the top after the explosion, which we will survive.


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