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Julian Bell

[S1E1] Melon Buffet

In total, he ate 301g of watermelon. While this initially puts him in second place, the deduction applied to Tim Key's total for eating watermelon after the whistle means that Romesh ultimately places first.

[S1E1] Melon Buffet

  • Task 1: Eat As Much Watermelon As Possible In A Minute Winner: Romesh (5 points)

  • Tim (4 points)note Technically ate the most, but penalised for eating after the time ended

  • Josh (3 points)

  • Frank (2 points)

  • Roisin (1 point)note spent so much time looking for a knife she only had time to eat one mouthful

  • Episode 1: Roisin Conaty (while discussing her lack of preparedness for the watermelon task: "I thought it was going to be, like, a melon buffet.")

  • Episode 2: The Taskmaster (on Frank Skinner's attempt to determine the contents of pies: "My feeling, Frank, is that you were trying to sense out the contents of the pies [...] sort of a pie whisperer.")

  • Episode 3: The Taskmaster (introducing Tim Key's attempt to get an egg as high as possible: "Ah, the poet and the egg.")

  • Episode 4: Roisin Conaty (after Josh Widdicombe got a bit shrill and high-pitched during a debate over how much the Taskmaster's Assistant helped Roisin during the "melt the ice-block" task: "Down an octave!")

  • Episode 5: Tim Key (during his attempt to make Fred the Swede blush: "Say 'I like to parade around in my little denim shorts'.")

  • Episode 6: N/A (this is to date the only episode which does not have a Title Drop as the title. It was named as a reference to the final video task and the fact that it was the last episode of the season/series, potentially)

Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner and Josh Widdicombe are tasked with trying to paint the best picture of a horse whilst riding a horse, plus there's melon-eating, bath-emptying and pop-up tents. 041b061a72


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