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Many Faces Of Go 12 Keygen 13

Many Faces of Go 12 13: A Review of the World Champion Go Software

Go is a board game that originated in China more than 2500 years ago. It is a game of strategy, tactics, and intuition, where two players compete to control more territory on a 19x19 grid. Go is widely considered to be the most difficult and complex game for computers to master, as it requires both deep knowledge and creative thinking.


Many Faces of Go is a computer program that plays Go at a high level. It is developed by David Fotland, a computer scientist and Go enthusiast. Many Faces of Go has won many prestigious awards and titles, such as the World Computer Go Championship, the US Computer Go Championship, and the ING Cup. It is one of the strongest and most versatile Go programs in the world, and has many features that make it appealing to both beginners and experts.

What's New in Version 12 13?

Many Faces of Go has been continuously updated and improved since its first release in 1989. The latest version, 12 13, was released in 2023 and incorporates several new features and enhancements. Some of the main highlights are:

  • A new search algorithm that combines Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) with traditional knowledge-based techniques. MCTS is a method that plays thousands of random games each second and collects statistics on the moves to choose where to play. It can find good moves without much domain knowledge, but it can also make strange moves that violate common sense. Many Faces of Go uses MCTS to evaluate moves, but also uses its own knowledge base to avoid bad moves and guide the search. This results in a stronger and more human-like player.

  • Calibrated levels from 18 kyu to 1 dan (3 dan on 9x9 boards). Many Faces of Go can adjust its playing strength to match any level of player, from beginner to expert. It tracks your rank as you play and gives you feedback on your progress. You can also choose from six fixed levels of play, from easy to hard.

  • An integrated IGS client that allows you to play online against other human players. You can also watch live games, chat with other players, and access game records. Many Faces of Go supports both text and graphical interfaces for IGS.

  • A comprehensive tutorial that teaches you the rules, tactics, and strategies of Go. It includes over 100 screens of text, examples, and simple problems. You can also access a Joseki tutor that shows you the best moves for common corner patterns, and a Fuseki tutor that shows you the best moves for opening positions.

  • Over 2000 Go problems for all levels of player. The program selects problems for you based on your strength, and tracks your performance as you solve them. The problems appear in different orientations and colors to help you learn better.

  • A database of over 1000 professional games with comments and analysis. You can study the games of famous players, such as Lee Changho, Cho Chikun, and AlphaGo. You can also load your own games or download games from the Internet.

  • Great graphics and sound effects that enhance your playing experience. You can choose from different board sizes, stone types, board textures, and backgrounds. You can also rotate the board, add coordinates, or zoom in or out. The program makes realistic clicks and capture sounds, as well as sounds for pass, resign, match request, etc.

How to Get Many Faces of Go?

You can download a free evaluation copy of Many Faces of Go from [Smart Games]. The evaluation copy has all the features of the full version, except that it limits the number of moves per game to 50. You can also play unlimited games on a 9x9 board with Igowin, a free program that is included in the download.

If you like Many Faces of Go and want to unlock the full version, you can buy a license key from [Smart Games]. The license key costs $89.95 USD and allows you to install Many Faces of Go on all your computers. You will also get free updates and support from the developer.


Many Faces of Go is a remarkable program that offers a lot of value for Go players of all levels. It is a strong and versatile opponent, a helpful and friendly teacher, and a rich and enjoyable companion. Whether you want to improve your skills, challenge yourself, or just have fun, Many Faces of Go is the program for you.


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